One Machine With So Many Applications – The Power of Steam Cleaners

Steam Cleaners are widely used to clean a wide variety of surfaces like hospitals, restaurants, hotels, operating theaters, surgeries, dentists, veterinary facilities and other businesses. Why use steam cleaners?

* Efficient and effective. Are the ideal machines for effectively removing hardened sediment and dirt of different surfaces. The most efficient way to clean surfaces as steam cleans, sanitizes, degrease and vacuums all in the one action while leaving the surface mostly dry.

* Effortless. No hard scrubbing required and reduces cleaning times. It can penetrate to even the most hard reach area and deeply clean any surfaces.

* Ecological. More hygienic cleaning practices and environmental benefits with no harsh of chemical and minimal water use by 90%.

Steam cleaner works by converting water via a thermal heat exchange boiler into super heated steam at between 145C -180C under pressure of between 4-10bar pressure thus provide a highly power microscopic water particle that penetrate into surfaces and clean better than old mops, rags and chemicals.

Imagine one machine that can do all these cleaning task.

Finding the Right Steam Cleaning Machines:

It is important to find a powerful steam system that can carry out a variety of cleaning applications. A great number of different cleaning machines, including industrial, vapor and commercial steam cleaners can be found in the market today.

Different steam cleaning applications of surfaces requires a different steam cleaning equipment to make cleaning more efficient and effective. Literally, there is hundreds of cleaning machine providers. Making the choice of the best one is a bit challenging. How do you know which one to choose?

Many suppliers claim that their steam cleaners are the best but there is only one supplier you can find a wide range of over 70 models of steam cleaning equipments for a wide variety of surfaces that ensures quality and efficiency.

Their steam cleaning equipment has been manufactured for over 25 years and lead the international steam cleaning research and development of steam machine. For example their steam machines have the fast boiler heat up for commercial machines of 4 minutes for 180 degree C. Thus, this supplier has the true temperature technology.