Getting Started in Fishing – Choosing Your Equipment

Like many sports, when you begin to fish you have to obtain a basic assortment of equipment. And, like other sports, you can either spend a whole lot of money, or you can spend just a little to get started. Fortunately, in the case of fishing, you only have to spend a few dollars to begin fishing. You can easily put together a basic fishing kit for under 50 dollars. If you decide you like fishing, and want to do it more often, then you can upgrade your fishing stuff as you go along. But it’s not expensive or difficult to get started! Here are a few of the things you need to know when picking out your first fishing rig.

First things first – The Fishing License

In most states, a fishing license is required to fish public lakes, streams, and rivers. Young children will generally not have to have a license to fish, usually up to age 16. The fees that you pay for the license go to pay for the stocking of fish, and the upkeep of many of the recreational areas that you go to fish. The fees vary by state. In many cities, there are fishing facilities that are privately owned, and therefore do not require a license to fish there. They do, however, charge a pretty hefty fee for the privilege of fishing. On occasion, some states will have a “License-free Fishing Day”, so that you can experience fishing without having to pay for the yearly license. Do NOT go fishing without your license, where required! The Game Warden can (and usually will) issue an expensive citation and has the ability to confiscate all of your fishing equipment if he or she chooses to do so.

The Equipment

Depending on the kind of fish you will be trying to catch, the equipment you will need to start with is pretty basic. Because trout fishing is one of the most popular types of fishing, we’ll look at the equipment needed for that first.

At the minimum, you’ll need a Rod, a Reel, some hooks, line, weights, and something to put all of it in. You’ll also need some bait. As with purchasing anything, you get what you pay for. This doesn’t mean that you have to pay a fortune, but you need to choose products of a reasonable quality if you are going to enjoy your fishing experience.

Some lakes and reservoirs have bait and tackle shops on-site, and many of them will rent you fishing gear for the day. Many small mom-and-pop tackle shops will also rent you equipment. Renting fishing gear for a day or two is a good way to decide if you like fishing, and want to continue with it. One advantage to renting equipment from a local tackle shop is that they will very often give you some training on how to use the gear, and they can set it up properly for the type of fishing you will be doing.