Fighting Fish Foods

Food varieties and Feeding In the Wild

Like most fish, Bettas are omnivores with a solid inclination for living animals. In the wild they will eat any creature or vegetable matter they can discover. They favor live food varieties, for example, Mosquito hatchlings (wrigglers) Daphnia, and so on, and are regularly alluded to as carnivores.

In the Aquarium

In an aquarium they will eat all typical trùng huyết đông lạnh tphcm kinds of aquarium food sources, yet appear to improve on one intended for them. Likewise with practically any creature an assortment is invited by Bettas. Try not to overload!

A decent quality Betta fish food will contain around 45 % Crude Protein, 10% unrefined Fat and close to about 6% rough fiber. Some are lower in fat and Protein. These will in any case be OK as long as the nature of the protein is high.

Frozen and freeze dried food varieties, for example, Frozen bloodworms are astounding. Try not to give them such a lot of that the water is contaminated by uneaten food. When daily taking care of is adequate Although I like to take care of my Fighting Fish double a day.

Live Foods

Your Bettas will savor any appropriate measured living animal. Maybe the best sort is Mosquito Larvae (wrigglers) or their close to relative the Bloodworm. Daphnia is likewise acceptable despite the fact that I would not take care of my Bettas on anything solely. Another great one is Tubifex Worms.

Hopping for Food

This is a little stunt that is not difficult to show your battling fish. Put a smidgen of food on the tip of your finger. Put your finger simply over the water surface. From the start, it should be practically contacting the water. The fish will bounce the minuscule distance to get it. With training, the fish will figure out how to bounce somewhat higher.

Bettas are not the best jumpers in the fish world so don’t anticipate that they should bounce high.


In the event that you do help your fish to bounce, it might make them bound to leap out of the aquarium, so avoid potential risk against this.