Add A Bidet For Completeness To Your Bathroom

Any bathroom that does not possess a bidet, in my opinion, is incomplete.
Many mainland European countries such as Spain, Portugal, Greece and of course the France have been using bidets for decades.

However, we in the UK are still behind our European counterparts and have some way before we catch up.

Bidets are just like a sink or basin whereby you sit on the unit and wash your particulars usually following a visit to the toilet. The bidet will have a plug, hot and cold water taps or mixer that can be used to fill the bidet or force water up like a fountain.

Below are some tips and advise we hope you will find useful.


As a rule a bidet is usually installed and sited between the wash basin and toilet where possible and require approximately the same area as the toilet.

In an effort to match your bidet with your existing bathroom, ensuite or shower suites over spray, colour and depth of glaze we recommend that you purchase your bidet from the same supplier as your toilet. This will reduce the possibility of a miss match.

All bidets are generally supplied with a vertical spray that is positioned at the bottom of the bowl and designed to spray in an upward direction. Horizontal sprayers are available and are typically located at the back of the bowl. As with wash basin taps, you will also find a wide range of mixer taps with levers.

Bidets are fitted in much the same way as a pedestal basin with a drainpipe, trap and hot and cold water supplies. It is very important that you read the installation documentation for the unit you are fitting in order to choose the relevant inlet/outlet routes. If you are in any doubt you should consult a professional.