Why a Good Gut is the Key to Your Health

In the health industry, we are all somewhat aware that our immune system plays a significant role in our health, but how many of us know that the gut controls about 70% of our immune system? You may not know the importance of your gut until you experience indigestion, bloating or cramping problems. In fact, research has shown that the bottom line of excellent health is the gut. Why? Have a look;

1. A Healthy Gut Prevents Inflammation
The central organ, the gut, can single-handedly control inflammation in your body. If it becomes extremely permeable due to stress, antibiotic use, poor diet, stress, or any other reason, whole food molecules will enter your bloodstream. Consequently, your immune system will start attacking them, leading to inflammation which damages your body cells and tissues as a result. Remember, damaged cells and tissues are more susceptible to illness.

2. The Gut Helps In Nutrient Absorption
Did you know that the nutrients that build your body cells are absorbed by via the walls of your stomach? When food reaches the stomach, it is digested and broken down into small nutrients such as fatty acids from fats and sugars from carbohydrates. The nutrients then move across your intestinal walls into the bloodstream. So, if you have a damaged gut, nutrients will never reach your bones, brain, liver, heart, and any part of the body that needs replenishing. Learn more about the effect of microbes and nutrient absorption.

3. It Protects The Health Of Your Brain
You have probably heard that your gut is your “second brain.” Can it be because it facilitates the supply of nutrients to the brain or it is just a term used in medical circles? Either way, the health of your brain entirely depends on the health of your gut.

The gut has some essential probiotics that act as antioxidants to ensure that the free radicals in the body do not damage your body cells. Moreover, these probiotics enhance the health of the fatty parts of the brain, preventing brain diseases.

4. Probiotic Benefits
According to research, the gut is a hub of crucial bacteria in the body. Our bodies contain an average of one hundred trillion bacteria, and this is what keeps us alive. These bacteria come in handy to fight diseases, kill nasty intruders, facilitate digestion and manufacture nutrients in our bodies. Furthermore, some of the bacteria help in reducing allergic reactions and maintaining a healthy weight.

5. The Bottom Line
Summarily, your gut plays a significant role in your immune system, the health of your brain, and just everything in your body. It cooperates with other parts of the body to keep you stable. Therefore, saying that your gut is the underdog in your body is an understatement. Isn’t it?


So, what types of foods promote good gut health?

Enrique Lucas