Dangers Of Drinking Soda

There has been an incredible and numerous amount of studies that have been done on the dangers of soda; drinking it, of course. Soda (and other sweet drinks) tend to have many detrimental effects on not only your teeth but your waistline as well. We may not realize this, but drinking soda is, and always has been, a serious health concern, and especially for Americans.

According to a conclusive study done by Euromonitor, the average United States citizen consumes at least one hundred and twenty-six grams of sugar and or carbohydrates per day. That is the physical equivalent of about twenty-five or so teaspoons, or about three cans (or bottles) of soda, in the twelve-ounce variety.

There are many diseases linked to drinking soda in particular, but of course, the same conclusions can be applied to having an excessive amount of carbohydrates or sugars as well. These include COPD, obesity, heart disease, asthma, and diabetes. The latter is the most well-known effect, and for a good reason. An unprecedented amount of people worldwide, and especially in the United States, have diabetes and are on some form of diabetes or medical treatment that is aimed towards obesity-related diseases.

1. Kidney Malfunction
In over three-thousand women and over a decade of studies and medical reports, it was found that daily intake of sugar beverages led to premature kidney health decline.

2. Soda Increases The Risk Of Gaining Diabetes
This one is fairly obvious, as is shown by the insane demographic of soda-drinkers in the United States, but also because of the mental amounts of sugars and other carbohydrates found in soda. This is the same for other sugary beverages as well.

3. BPA
This chemical is the lining on the inside of all soda cans. It has been found to be one of the main links to everything from failure to reproduce, i.e., sterilization, to premature heart failure, diabetes, and extreme obesity. Severe obesity, of course, as compared to that extra few pounds that you, unfortunately, happened to gain over Thanksgiving or Christmas. It is also known as ‘morbid’ obesity, which gets its name from the fact that people die from this type of obesity.

4. Dehydration!
Soda naturally dehydrates you due to the extreme amounts of Co2 and sugar that are found in the drink. This is why drinking soda on a hot day quenches your thirst only as you drink it; you stop drinking it, and you immediately want more and are left even thirstier than you were before!

5. ‘Caramel Coloring’ Is Cancer Productive
This food additive, i.e., food coloring, is linked to cancer and obesity. It has been banned in a significant number of countries, notably throughout all of the European Union due to its thankfully strict food regulations.

6. Soda Is Extremely High Calorie
A 20-ounce bottle or can of soda has as much as SEVENTEEN teaspoons of sugar, which means about two hundred and forty calories! That is an obscene amount of calories and sugar from one small drink that you will gulp down in a matter of minutes. It ruins your teeth, causes cancer through food coloring and other preservatives and additives, and is linked to morbid (and regular) obesity.

Drinking soda is not healthy, and you should stop drinking it as soon as you can!


Enrique Lucas