The Advantages Of Coconut Oil


Believe me, there are (unsurprisingly) quite a few of them! Now, if you’re wondering what specifically coconut is good for, here is a short and brief list. It benefits hair care, skin care, infections, improving your digestive system, weight loss, and increasing your immunity to various symptoms and diseases.

It is not just used in southern, regional or tropical countries either; it is also employed in North America, Europe, and Canada. It is gaining a lot of attention and popularity throughout the world, due to its many and plentiful benefits, which we will now go over in greater detail.

1. Hair Care
This is one of the most popular applications for coconut oil in today’s day and age. The natural, organic, and thick oil (its consistency is actually that of butter, but in its heated state it is that of oil, hence its name) helps to make hair sleek and shiny. All of the aboriginals and natives that call the tropical islands home use it multiple times a day for their hair! They always have and will always continue to do so. Not only is it a natural and plentiful resource, but it is part of their culture. Read more here!

2. Skin Care
I bet you did not know this; coconut oil and coconut butter are prevalent for healing dried or chapped skin! It is a popular and one of the most excellent massage oils to be used that is within the realm of natural and organic. It can be used as a moisturizer for dry and chapped skin, so you can think of it almost as a conditioner, except that it isn’t for your hair! This may come across as quite ironic, as it is regularly used as a soap and conditioner all of the time.

3. Health And Weight Loss Benefits
This one is a great kicker. Are you the type of person to get up in the morning and have a small but healthy breakfast before going to work? Coconut oil is an awesome alternative to having a ‘traditional’ meal, as it doubles as it beautifully. Here’s how you can adopt this new breakfast tactic; if you put a spoonful into a cup of black coffee with some sweetener such as sugar or Splenda (although stevia tastes better and has been found to be much healthier, albeit more expensive), then you have a delicious and filling breakfast.

Aside from its many uses as an unorthodox-style breakfast, it has a lot of health benefits. It contains short, medium and long-chain fats that help to get rid of extra fats that line your intestinal walls. It also adds a lot of vitamins, nutrients, minerals and other things that are not present in traditional oils and fats.

4. It’s A Great Substitute For Oil And Butter
Adding to coconut oil’s already long list of boons and benefits, we come to the cooking section! You can use it to replace oil or butter in cooking without a change in flavor! Okay, maybe you might not want to use it to fry bacon or sausage, but for just about everything else from poultry meets to fruit or vegetables, it is a great tasting and healthy substitute.

Coconut oil has become a part of the vegan/vegetarian/healthy culture in the sense that it has been included in many cookbooks and given lots of coverage. It remains a healthy, all natural, organic substance that has an infinite (almost) amount of users!

And if those reasons are not enough, check out the following video and discover even more reasons to use coconut oil in your everyday life.


Enrique Lucas